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41 heartthrobs from the 80's, 90's and today

Current fandoms
Sam Witwer Being Human , James Purefoy The Following ,
Kris Holden-Reid Lost Girl , David Giuntoli Grimm ,
Chris O'Donnell NCIS:LA and The Three Musketeers ,
Stephen Amell New Girl and Arrow , Jensen Ackles Supernatural ,
Ian Somerhalder The Vampire Diaries , Johnny Lee Miller Elementary ,
Daniel Lissing and Scott Speedman Last Resort ,
Matthew Davis Cult , Victor Webster Continuum , Drew Roy Falling Skies , Tyler Hoechlin Teen Wolf , Share West and Dillon Casey Nikita ,
Sullivan Stapleton Strike Back , Antony Starr Banshee ,
Josh Duhamel Fire with Fire , Chris Hemsworth Thor,
And Jeremy Renner Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Older fandoms
Sam J. Jones Flash Gordon & Silent Assassins ,
Jeff Kaake Nasty Boys and Space Rangers ,
Craig Hurley /James Pax and Benjamin Bratt Nasty Boys ,
Dirk Benedict The A-team, Chris Kramer The Collector ,
Jon Erik Hexum Cover Up , Costas Mandylor Volcano in New York,
Jamie Bamber and Tahmoh Penikett Battlestar Galactica, Adam Storke Prey, Kiefer Sutherland The Three Musketeers ,
Mark Valley Human Target , Jason Patric Solarbabies ,
Jordan Bridges and Will Yun Lee Bionic Woman , Gary Graham Alien Nation ,
And Adrian Pasdar Profit / Mysterious Ways / Near Dark / Solarbabies and House of Frankenstein

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