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Having run SpoilerTV since 2007 we've come into contact with many fans of TV shows and have always been extremely impressed at the creative talent out there in terms of fans creating stunning artwork, posters, wallpapers and videos.

This site aims to allow those fans to showcase their talent to a wider audience. So if you have ever created some artwork/graphics/videos for the show(s) you love, don't be shy and submit your work for inclusion here at Fan Showcase.

Just click on the Submit Work link in the menu and fill out the simple for to have your work posted.

Even if you don't create artwork/videos yourself, I'm sure you'll still enjoy looking around the site at all the great talent there is. You can select the types of Submissions from the menu, or click on the some of the popular work from the sidebar or use the "Pick a Category" to find items that you might enjoy.

Everything we post is still owned by You. You can email us at any time if you wish to remove your artwork. We are simply helping your work get more recognition.

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